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Costa Rica Tours

Costa Rica Tours in Jaco

If you are looking to visit Costa Rica and get the most out of it, Jaco Beach in Central Pacific,  is definitely the place to stay. Due to its location between the boreal forest and dry rainforest in the south, this area has what is called a transition forest, full of lush vegetation, beautiful weather, the greatest diversity of birds in the country, among others.

The town of Jaco has the infrastructure of banks, clinics, shopping malls and a variety of restaurants and nightclubs. So you can immerse yourself in the Jaco Costa Rica Beachforest during the day and watch the sunset by the sea and an international restaurant.

“There are activities and Costa Rica Tours for children, adolescents and adults”

Our trips from Jaco Beach:

As in any tourist town, Jaco is a large number of companies and individuals who offer Costa Rica Jacotours and activities in Jaco, Costa Rica Travel Packages, but not a good idea to take a “grand bargain” that are on the street, trying to save some money you can get on a tour with 30 other people and a guide who barely speaks English.
Hotel Poseidon, help people have a great Jaco, Costa Rica vacation during the last five years, so I know everyone in town and direct you to the right people and the right tower. All our guides are professionals with many years of experience, all necessary permits and bilingual (ask our guides in other languages fluently English or Spanish, if not their mother tongue).